What To Expect When You Go For Rottnest Snorkelling Tour?

rottnest snorkelling tour

Australia is a place of adventure and there lies an island where you can seek adventure. Well the thing is that when you think about a vacation you would rather go somewhere where it is peace and quiet with amazing scenery well you can still get that when you are talking about Rottnest snorkelling tour.

When talking about the island well it was discovered in 1696. The island is actually really huge and it will take you few days to cover it.

You know those cute animals that you see in pictures quokka, well we would advise you that do not give them or feed them any food otherwise they will be after you.


Let us paint you a picture where you can experience what we experienced on our tour.

Your journey would start off by charting a boat or a ferry. Your best bet for Rottnest snorkelling tour would be that you get yourself an online booking as early as possible. Trust us we learned that the hard way by not booking earlier.


Once you have taken the ride, you will than reach at a port and there you will be greeted by a tourist hub.  You will find many sorts of shops, resorts and many restaurants to enjoy yourself and if you still don’t feel like going there well then you will also be greeted by some old architecture buildings and there you can enjoy the historical artefacts.


When you visit the island for Rottnest snorkelling tour we would advise that you rent bicycle. If you are going in summer which is arguably the best time to visit well it is also very hot so trust us you will be needing a bicycle so that can travel around and see all the majestic scenery there is.


The best part of the island are the beaches and there are many to view. You can even enjoy snorkelling and visit the wild life that live beneath the ocean and experience for yourself the true beauty of nature that exists under water.


For your Rottnest snorkelling tour well we would advise to visit Parakeet Bay or little salmon bay. Trust us if you want to experience the true wild life well these are the two spots for you to visit and they will not disappoint you either.

Just think about swimming with different kind of species that live under water, well you can also do your own research about it.


Well the Rottnest snorkelling tour is one of those tours that you will likely never forget and the memory of it will be stuck with you for a lifetime.


So if you wish to visit or have a Rottnest snorkelling tour well then just visit us at boutiquecruise.com.au  and let us make your vacation a memorable one.